Architectural project includes composition of preliminary and working projects.


  1. Explanatory note

  2. Situational plan with surrounding territories

  3. General Plan (scheme of land)

  4. Floor plans with explications of premises

  5. Sections

  6. Facades

  7. Color and volume solution of facades

  8. Montage of the object in the current situation

  9. 3D Visualization


* PRELIMINARY DESIGN is a pre-proposal


MP - Master Plan: the binding of the designed buildings and structures of small architectural forms on the site, TEP, landscaping, driveways, playgrounds (no landscaping)

AS - Architectural solutions: facade passport facades in axes plan with explication of premises, cuts through the planned building

СС(MC) - Ferro-concrete constructions or metal construction: foundations, floors, solid belt, constructive stairs, etc. on the design features of the projected building.

TECH - The technological part of the project: a plan with furniture and equipment, equipment specification and installation of devices

HVACR - Heating and ventilation: plans with the arrangement of the heating and ventilation equipment, three-dimensional scheme of heating and ventilation systems, specification of the installation of equipment and materials

WSS - Internal water supply and sewerage: network routing plans for domestic water upply and sewage systems, three-dimensional scheme of water supply and sewerage systems, installation specification of equipment and materials

ES - Electrical solutions: single-line principle and power circuits, electrical equipment layout plans (sockets, lighting, electrical panels), material specification.

One of our specialties is the bioclimatic architecture, the essence of which is to provide a comfortable environment with the climatic characteristics of the region and with alternative energy sources (solar, wind, water and land).


Methods used in bioclimatic architecture can be divided into two components:

1. architectural - where the design of the building, the architect uses the properties of the compass when zoning space, picks up the materials on the basis of the required heat loss, the system uses the natural cooling and lighting, uses in architecture means shading and snow protection on the basis of the wind rose.

2. alternative energy sources - devices that are able to accumulate heat, a large number being in the human environment (sunlight geyser sources, geothermal heating, hydrodynamic screw turbine).


More information about each alternative energy sources, we can tell you at the meeting.


The beauty of the architecture should be functional completeness of the object, not the basis to which you want to adjust.

There is no point in beauty, if it is uncomfortable in use .


Our architects will take care of all of the concept to monitor the implementation of the tasks.