Italian project laboratory "Dinuzzi&TURA lusso projetti" aimed to create unique,  having it is own style and character interior, individual items of art and interior.

Our position – professionalism in every stage of our cooperation, from coordination of your order and drawing up a contract to complete quality control of the work. We implement in the full design, any your idea, beginning from drawing terms of reference up to creation of a chic element to your interior.

Understanding the level of our customers, we ensure that the information remains confidential any character, except the information authorized for disclosure, and which is agreed by contractual obligations between the client and our company.

Our company maintains its roots from CASA DEL MOBILE SCAGLIONE  that was based in 1952 year.  In that year Mr. Umberto Scaglione decided to create a working space where progressively thinking designers and architects could meet as with their customers so with craftsmen, people who are creating with their own hands, the true work of art. 

The project has been very successful over the years and more than a hundred projects have been carried out under the key in 18 countries around the world.
In 2015, it was decided to create a similar space in Kazakhstan, Almaty.
We are pleased to inform you that the new division of CASA DEL MOBILE SCAGLIONE, in the face of Italian design lab "Dinuzzi & TURA lusso projetti", is ready to open the doors of its representative office in November 2016.
We went a long way to create a brand "Dinuzzi & TURA lusso projetti".
Each member of our team has accumulated a valuable experience, which is now available to our customers

Creating high level turn key projects.

Qualitatively. Confidentially. Reliably.

We have our own full-cycle production in Italy, which can be on time and set a budget to implement project of any complexity and volume.

We also cooperate with more than a hundred Italian and international manufacturings, with a wide range of products, ranging from furniture to cutlery and accessories.

We are able to develop and to equip hotels and restaurants down by the organization of technology, supply of furniture, lighting and decorative materials, to training and internships chefs, managers and baristas.

All of our clients have a common feature- they are modern, value their time, ahead of the trends and work with the best craftsmen.