INTERIOR DESIGN includes two phases: design project and working project.

Already as a result of the design project, you can see a complete picture of your future interior.


  1. Title page

  2. The composition of the design project

  3. Measurement drawing bound utilities

  4. Options for planning decisions (not more than 3 variants)

  5. Layout of furniture

  6. Plan visualization angles

  7. Interior Visualizations (2-3 variant views of each room)

  8. Selection of furniture on the premises, including its cost offer

  9. Selection of the ambient light, including its cost offer

10. Selection of fabrics, accessories and art objects, including their cost offer


  1. Title page

  2. Composition of working project

  3. Executive Summary

  4. Measurement drawing bound utilities

  5. After redevelopment plan with explication of premises

  6. Construction plan for dismantling of barriers

  7. Plan of partitions built up

  8. Knots and cuts to the installation plan

  9. Plan indicating the location of furniture

10. Specification of furniture with dimensions, material and the quantity

11. Specification of accessories and decorative elements with dimensions, material and the quantity

12. Layout of sanitary engineering devices with dimensions

13. Ceilings device project

14. Components and sections of the ceiling unit plan

15. Floor plan indicating the type of material and coatings

16. Plan coverage with geometric bindings

17. Plan of lighting and lighting control

18. Specification of lamps and lighting systems with dimensions, material and quantity list

19. Electricians plans and electrical terminals

20. Rosettes Layouts with geometric bindings

21. Power cable installation plan (with reference geometric dimensions of cable outlet)

22. Low-voltage television lines plans (with reference geometrical sizes of sockets)

23. Low-voltage telephone lines and the Internet plans (with reference geometrical sizes of sockets)

24. The project access control

25. Layout of equipment water leakage

26. Warm floors plans

27. Scan of the premises

28. The wall reamers indicating the electrical terminals and the designation of finishing materials

29. Doorways indicating plan

30. Window opening indicating plans

31. Specification filling door and window openings

32. Statement of decoration indicating the material and the volume

33. Recommendations for device ventilation and air conditioning systems, according to the adopted planning decisions