Italian project laboratory Dinuzzi&TURA emerged through the merger of several project workshops, owners of factories, manufacturers located in Italy, in order to create unique, with the style and character of the individual interior, landscape and art.


Our team of concentration not only in Kazakhstan, the main back-office is located in Barletta in Italy.

We have an excellent, well-trained staff engaged in researching for new technologies and materials, leading directly purchase direct from the factories of manufacturers and quarries.

We are able to implement project of any complexity, thanks to the coordinated organization and competent management.


We provide construction supervision, ensuring compliance with the decisions contained in the working documents executed by construction and assembly work on the site.

At the disposal of the client's entire experience of company specialists, our dreams, and an infinite number of unique ideas.



58 years

Interior designer

He graduated from the Technical Institute of Guglielmo Marconi in Bari with a degree in technical design.

He graduated from the Academy Delle Belle Arti di Roma

For decades, engaged in interior design.

He is the creator and owner of production factory for upholstered furniture in Italy.

Over the years, was the author of more than 60 prototypes create custom sofas and armchairs, worked in great detail and brought to perfection.

The main principle of work - high level of professionalism and attention to each client, creating a guaranteed unique and inimitable space and a positive atmosphere in the team.


34 years

Designer, export manager

For a long time he worked in the production of clothing, he participated in the creation of fashion collections.

He is creative manager SCAGLIONE MOBILE.

The main principle of work - changeable circumstances, the principles never.


32 years

Architect, engineer-and 3D-specialist

In 2005 he graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Kazakh National Technical University, Almaty.

In the last years he worked as a teacher and project designer.

He participated in projects such as the Nurly Tau, Rakhat Towers.

In 2008 he graduated from the faculty of architecture KSUAE.

Experience of teaching in private schools of design for more than 10 years.

Specializing in architectural projects, private villas and apartments, public buildings and interiors, teaches 3D graffic and working documentation process.

The main principle of work - openness and uniqueness.



36 years

Architect, interior designer

She graduated from the general aesthetic of the school-gymnasium №103 Tashkent, as an artist.

In 2000 she graduated from the reconstruction of buildings and structures Architectural Construction Institute of Tashkent.

In 2002, she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of residential and public buildings Architectural Construction Institute of Tashkent.

She worked as a personal architect for private businessmans over 12 years.

She is specialized in the design and renovation of public buildings, private villas and apartments in the palace and classical styles, luxurious minimalism, product design.

The main principle of work - clear,professional knowledge of materials, innovation and understanding of the client's identity, that's what makes each space a unique and harmonious.



28 years

Designer, Sales Manager

For a long time practiced in the field of design in Bari and Barcelona.

Rebranded SCAGLIONE MOBILE and issued two exhibition floors in modern and classical style.

He is art director SCAGLIONE MOBILE and is engaged in research of new products.

The main principle of work - to move forward to new and interesting.


Архитектор, Дизайнер интерьеров

29 years

Lawyer, expert criminalist

In 2010 he graduated from the Faculty of Criminalistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent.
In 2011 started to work in the import department in the consulting company FiABESCO, have been consulting in the field of procurement for 5 years .
Specializes in import and export of goods.
The main principle of work is rationality,
Professional and quality attitude to own work, an individual approach to each client, which contributes to the satisfaction of everyone's desires.


54 years

Architect, urban planner, landscape architect and designer

In 1981 he graduated from the Art Institute Statale d'Arte di Nove.

In 1988 he graduated from the faculty of architecture in Venice.

In summer 2005, he opened the Parco del Sojo - free access to the park, which houses works by painters and sculptors from around the world.

He specializes in designing public buildings, urban planning, landscape architecture and interior design - from private houses and department stores to hotels and banks.

For the last ten years, enthusiastically engaged in the design with the use of alternative energy sources.

He is vice-president of the International Association of LIONS "Walled City", which is working on the preservation and improvement of historic cities.

The main principle of work - the architect has to deal with design issues that can be solved not only by architectural and technical knowledge, but also through the craft and spare parts.



38 years

Painter, graphic designer

In 1999 she graduated from the National Institute of Arts and Design, Tashkent,

painter of theatrical costumes.

Repeatedly he exhibited at national and international exhibitions with nominal collections of costumes and paintings painting.

Since 2003, a member of the creative union of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

In 2005, a personal exhibition at the US Embassy in Tashkent.

She is a specialist in art and interior decoration of office buildings and private villas.

The main principle of work - the creative energy for the benefit of the client and joy